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Cold emails can – and do – work.

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I used cold emails to 14x my freelance copywriting business. Here’s how.

Cold emails aren’t a numbers game.

You don’t have to send 1000s of emails just to score a disheartening open rate of 2%

(That’s the often-touted open rate for cold emails, BTW.)

That’s all just a lie perpetuated by marketers who suck at cold emailing… and who want to make you feel like you’re as horrible at this delicate skill as they are.

Truth be told:

Cold emails can – and do – work.

How do I know?

Because I used 328 of ’em to launch my business and grow it 1400% in 4 months.

My aggressive cold email campaign had a 56% open rate and a top-notch positive reply rate of 9%.

Laura Lopuch

Read the breakdown and get the templates.


Contacting people via email may be intimidating —

it’s about launching a written missive out there into the universe, not knowing who will read it or whether it will even be read at all.

However, email can be a powerful, cost-effective tool when making initial contact with your customers.

For example, if you have hundreds of thousands of leads you want to reach out to but have limited resources, you can create drip campaigns and start "pre-qualifying" clients before calling them.

Even if you have a quality list and personalized emails, it takes some work to finesse cold outreach. Whether you are seeing less than 10 percent open rates on your emails or would like to improve your overall cold emailing technique, this guide can help you.

Gabrielle Hughes

Read the breakdown and read the guide.

Success stories from the experts

Writing cold emails that convert is difficult, and not all cold email strategies are up to date.

We recommend these experts based on their reviews; they are not affiliated with MailSwami.


Cost Effective

Our solution allows you to use the World's Largest Open-Source Marketing Automation Project for email outreach with multiple accounts.


Protected Email

We protect your email account from getting a bad reputation by analyzing you email before it is send. We fix your account and don't block your account.



By continuosly engaging with your email account we improve the your reputation and the quality of your emails so you will be ready for peak performance.

Stop sending emails to spam.

A complete cold outreach solution.


Per Month

  • Connect any email provider
  • Auto email warm-up
  • Email deliverability booster
  • Keep emails out of spam


Relay Server

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  • Advanced email routing
  • Advanced email scheduling
  • Advanced Spam analytics
  • Advanced Spam protection
  • Unified Bounce management
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited Email Providers
  • Cold Email for Mautic



Per Month

  • Used by 200,000+ Organizations
  • Community support
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Email templates
  • Dynamic content
  • Lead scoring
  • A/B testing
  • Landing pages
  • Forms


Price per email account per month.

Please visit every vender to compare all details.

  MailSwami. LemList Mail Shake YesWare Woodpecker
Email Marketing $ 24 $ 59 $ 59 $ 19 $ 39
Email Warm-up $ 6 $ 29
Advanced scheduler
Spam Protection
Opt In Blast

Price 10x email accounts per month.

If you have a great campaign you want to scale.

  MailSwami. LemList Mail Shake YesWare Woodpecker
Email Marketing $ 24 $ 590 $ 590 $ 190 $ 390
Email Warm-up $ 60 $ 290
Advanced scheduler
Spam Protection
Opt In Blast

Create Advanced Funnels

Use the advanced features of a high-quality email marketing software for Cold Email campaigns.

Do more with zapier and Mautic

Zapier lets you connect Mautic with thousands of the most popular apps — no code required.

Create custom reports

If you work for a agency, use the custom report builder to create clear reports for your clients.

start your Campaign

Give your email deliverability a huge boost and say goodbye to spam.



Frequently Asked Questions

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It is best to send small amounts of emails with an email account. Unlike other providers like LemList, MailShake, or Woodpecker with MailSwami, you can add email accounts and keep your costs low.

Our email warm-up service allows you to establish and improve the reputation of your email accounts and increase the email sending limit.

Our relay server is at the heart of our infrastructure and allows you to schedule and manage multiple email accounts precisely. It also schedules and creates the emails for our email warmup service.

We are using “Cutting edge marketing automation empowered by Mautic.” To use Mautic for cold email, we have created an infrastructure that allows you to precisely schedule and manage multiple email accounts.