The Complete Guide to Displaying Your Profile Photo in Gmail

The interesting thing about Gmail is that when you send an email from your Gmail address (e.g., your Google account profile picture will appear next to your email address. However, you won’t see the Google Account profile picture when sending email using Gmail from a non-Gmail domain.

I’m specifically talking about different email addresses set under “Send email as” in the “Accounts” and “Gmail import” settings.

For example like <- Profile picture is displayed. <- Profile picture is not displayed.

Talk about boring!

Where is the character? If you get your branding right, you’ll want to be consistent across all social media channels, including Gmail. Sure, you might have a great custom signature line, but it shouldn’t end there. Do you really want a blue people logo that represents your company in the email? the new. That are great news. There is a very simple solution to showing your Google Account profile photo when sending email from a non-Gmail domain!

“What’s my profile picture in my Google Account?” You asked? This:

Profile picture of Gmail

In addition, you can completely modify this photo if you wish. Here’s how to view your Google Account profile picture when sending email from a non-Gmail domain. Follow these steps to view your Google Gmail account profile picture when sending email from a non-Gmail domain. Example: Your domain is and you can use Gmail to send email to This is a quick and easy five-click process. It shouldn’t take more than three minutes. (Four or five cases for alcohol consumption or lack of sleep. Six minutes for both)

  1. On your desktop / laptop, go to (or in Gmail, click your profile picture in the top right corner of the page, then click My Account).

  2. On the left side of the page, click Personal Information.

  3. Under CONTACT INFO, click on the arrow to the right of the email. Scroll down to a different email address.

  4. Add your new / alternate / company to the alternate email cell. Note: If you can’t see the Alternate Email tab, you may need to click the Advanced button. There should be a “Legacy Email” section.

Here you need to add all the email to your domain that you want to send from and view your Google account profile. Such as You have to confirm the new email address by sending a confirmation email to the email address you added as an alternate email address.

  1. Check the new “Alternative” email when it hits your inbox. Do not skip this step as your profile picture will not appear until you do this.

  2. To test, send an email to anyone with a Gmail email address. You should see your profile photo next to your name. Like him:

Ask the recipient to send you a screenshot of what they see to make sure it works.